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How Boomers Are Reinventing Retirement Living at The Highlands

Posted on October 7, 2021

The Baby Boomers have been reinventing society ever since they were born, and now that they’re entering their retirement years in droves, they’re continuing to break barriers. Retirement is no longer a time to sit back and let the world pass you by. Instead, these truly are the golden years. Boomers are jumping into this stage of life with energy and excitement, expecting more out of their life than ever before.

“Boomers are completely reinventing what it is to be a senior, and communities like ours are embracing the challenge,” says Kevin DeAcosta, President and CEO of The Highlands at Wyomissing, the only nonprofit Life Care Community in Berks County, PA. “Seniors today are moving to luxury senior living in order to enjoy a carefree, maintenance-free lifestyle tailored to their interests, needs and goals.”

Kevin says that Boomers who choose to move to retirement living are usually financially stable, highly educated and demanding a higher quality of life than previous generations. “In the past, senior living options were for people who didn’t have resources or family to care for them as they aged,” Kevin says. “Today, the Boomers’ art of living has extended into the retirement home concept, resulting in countless choices, options and opportunities that didn’t exist before.”

To help seniors live their best lives, today’s best active retirement communities – like The Highlands – are designing themselves to be more like resorts than senior citizen homes. Trends in senior living 2021 show that gourmet dining, state-of-the-art fitness centers, visiting health and wellness professionals, exquisite amenities and more are not just perks … they’re table stakes. The Highlands has all these benefits and more – here are just some of the ways Boomers are reinventing retirement living in our community.

Living a maintenance-free, worry-free lifestyle.
Doing chores is so pre-retirement. Even if you own your own home free and clear, there are still plenty of expenses and headaches to deal with, like repairs, insurance, real estate taxes, yard maintenance … all sorts of things that take up precious time that you could be using to do something you want to do. Boomers at The Highlands enjoy a luxury private living space without any of the work. Everything from yard care to cleaning to even cooking is taken care of by our dedicated team members. The living is easy and oh so enjoyable.

Enjoying a thriving social scene.
Whether they’re looking for new friends, Bunco partners, vacation buddies or simply someone to eat dinner with, Boomers are finding that The Highlands provides countless opportunities to make new connections and deepen existing ones. Who said that making friends when you got older was hard? Here, it’s as easy as stepping out your front door.

Reveling in the peace of mind that comes from a “forever home.”
Moving is a hassle and a lot of work – we all know this. Now, think about moving if and when your health needs change. That adds a whole new level of stress. However, when you move to a senior community while you’re active and healthy, you’ll be able to remain in your “forever home” no matter what happens in the future, eliminating the worry and need for “what if?” At The Highlands, we offer a full spectrum of healthcare, from Residential Living to Personal Care to Memory Support to Skilled Nursing and Short-Term Rehabilitation. It’s everything you’ll ever need, all in one place.

Showing the world how “aging well” is done.
These days, 60 is the new 40. Today’s seniors are often healthier in retirement than they ever were in their younger years. Eating right, getting enough exercise and doing things that you enjoy each and every day have an amazing effect on your health – mind, body and soul. The Highlands has been created to make this chapter of life the best yet, which means aging in a happy, healthy and fulfilled way.

“Boomers are making retirement look better than ever, and The Highlands is ready to help make their goals, dreams and wishes a reality,” says Kevin. “If you're a Boomer in the Berks-County area, we invite you to check out our community and see how you can help reinvent retirement in your own unique way.”

Your Remarkable Future Awaits.

The Highlands at Wyomissing opened its doors in April of 1989 with apartments for those who needed a helping hand with daily activities. Since then, we have grown into a large community of homes and apartments, amenities and services, and so much more.

With over 113 acres of gently rolling hills, lush walkways and towering trees, The Highlands at Wyomissing has offered stunning amenities, engaging activities and endless opportunities for more than 30 years. Located just outside of Reading, Pennsylvania, we’re proud to be the only nonprofit Life Care Community in Berks County, where residents are free to live their active, independent lifestyles with a continuum of care available right at home if they ever need it.

When you choose The Highlands at Wyomissing, you’re free to create a retirement that mirrors what you’ve always wanted for your future. What are you waiting for? Get a taste of what life is like on our vibrant campus at The Highlands at Wyomissing by contacting us at 610.370.6668 for more information.