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How To Make a Studio Apartment Feel Spacious

Posted on November 12, 2021

If you’ve considered downsizing to a senior living community – or rightsizing as many older adults call it – you can look forward to a liberating step into a more carefree future. Without the burdens of a large home, you’ll have fewer chores, less housework and a lot more time to do what you like.

At the same time, moving into a smaller apartment home presents a few challenges. We’ll help you overcome them and have fun doing it.

What To Expect in Your New Space

A studio apartment is a wonderfully practical small space. 

Typically, the door opens to the main room, which serves as a dining area, bedroom and living room. The kitchen is probably modest but will include necessary appliances. There will be one full bathroom.

The trick is to decorate efficiently and creatively. Can one piece of furniture serve two purposes? Will a strategically placed mirror help the room feel bigger? Hint: Yes, it will.

Follow a few tips and use a deft touch, and your new space will feel larger than it is. In short order, your studio will be a welcoming home for living and entertaining, including small holiday gatherings.

5 Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment

1. Use mirrors. Mirrors give you two advantages. They “create the illusion of a larger space," says Monet Masters of Forbes + Masters. "They will also help bounce light” to help brighten your room. 

Consider hanging wall mirrors and using floor mirrors as creative room dividers.

2. Avoid bulky furniture. Big, tall furniture has the effect of shrinking a room, says Danielle Fennoy of Revamp Interior Design. She advises, “Furniture on legs will look lighter” than pieces that go down to the floor. Also, “Opt for pieces with low profiles to make ceilings feel taller.”

3. Furniture should pull double duty. You won’t be able to bring all your furniture with you. Think outside the box to make the most of fewer pieces.

A bookshelf is a perfect display and extra storage for barware. A classic trunk makes a serviceable bench while entertaining or a coffee table anytime. 

4. Keep wall colors light. Darker walls tend to oppress within small spaces, and a lot of bright colors get busy. A light and consistent color palette will make a studio space appear more spacious. Connect the walls by keeping the palette continuous throughout the space instead of breaking up the flow with different hues in each zone.

5. Keep decorations on the walls. With less square footage, floors, shelves and table space are at a premium. Use your walls to hang photos and artwork. 

During the holidays, tack a string to a wall and hang greeting cards there. Forgo a tree and hang garlands in the same way.

Flower arrangements bring delight to any room; try to keep them modestly sized as large bouquets may feel intrusive. 

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