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When Is the Right Time for Senior Living?

Posted on November 18, 2022

A studied look at your loved one and the environment in which they live can yield valuable information as to whether or not it's time for them to move to a safer form of housing. Read on to learn some of the signs that indicate it’s time for a loved one to move to senior living.

Reduced mobility or activity.

Consider how these challenges are affecting your loved one's quality of life and decide whether a new environment might be able to improve it. Would a smaller residence help? The elimination of stairs? Many homes have steps at the entryway, which can make leaving the house difficult for an older adult. Senior living communities are designed to remove obstacles like this, making mobility and the pursuit of enjoyment easier.

Your loved one’s house isn’t as tidy as it once was.

As your loved one's space and daily routine change over time, you may need to consider approaching them about moving to senior living. To determine whether it's time to consider broaching the subject, reflect on whether you’ve noticed any of the following:

  • There’s spoiled food in the refrigerator, or there’s an unusual lack of food in the house.
  • Perhaps there are dishes piling up in the sink, and it seems that the house isn't as tidy as it once was.
  • Your loved one has stopped taking their medications or takes them intermittently.
  • There’s a pile of unopened mail.

Changes in mood, weight, hygiene and appearance.

Consider pushing for a change in your loved one’s living environment if you’re noticing less-than-positive changes in their mood and personality. Changes in mood are a likely sign of depression or even dementia. Weight loss, too, can be a sign of serious depression or malnutrition.

Changes to your loved one’s mental health and/or memory.

You may need to discuss the value of memory care and how that level of support can improve your loved one’s quality of life. Memory loss can be subtle. Take notice if your loved one seems overly confused. Do they lose their train of thought frequently? Forget why they’ve come to a particular location? Have trouble finding the right words in conversation? Do they often leave items in strange places, like leaving their glasses in the refrigerator?
In the event your loved one exhibits any of these signs, be proactive and talk to your loved one’s physician. Families and caregivers often wait too long to seek out senior living options to the detriment of the senior’s well-being.
If any of the above changes occur, talk to your healthcare provider, or call The Highlands today at 610.775.2300 to learn more about senior living.
The Highlands at Wyomissing is a not-for-profit senior living community in beautiful Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. We offer a Life Care contract covering Residential Living, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, Short-Term Rehabilitation, Home Care, Physician Services, and Memory Support.