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The Vistas at Fox Hill, our newest Residential Living option, is coming soon. Be among the first to reserve your spot by placing a 10% deposit – giving you exclusive access to our depositor club, The Fox Hill Society, and all its benefits.

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The Highlands Staffing Agency


The Highlands Staffing Agency

At The Highlands Staffing Agency you’ll find a stable, supportive work environment in a beautiful setting. Enjoy competitive pay and training that invests in your skills, along with flexible schedules and start/end times that give you control over your day.  We believe in a healthy work-life balance, and there’s no travel, so you’ll have time for what matters to you outside of work. Unleash your potential with roles that match your expertise and goals.  Our commitment to maintaining above required PPD averages staffing levels will empower you with the resources and support to make a different in the lives of seniors.

Here you will find a beautiful setting as well as these other benefits

​Unleash your potential with roles that match your expertise and goals and join The Highlands family to make a difference in the lives of seniors. 

  • a stable work environment
  • supportive management
  • competitive pay
  • flexible schedule with flexible start-end times
  • NO travel
  • a commitment to maintaining above required  PPD average staffing levels

Hear from Our Staff

Still not sure if this could be the place for you? Listen to the experience of some of The Highlands Staffing agency family:

Melanie Allend-Klim, RN

 15 years as RN (1 year through The Highlands at Wyomissing® Special Staffing Services Agency)

“I love my work at The Highlands because I have the flexibility to work all 3 shifts depending on the week. There are aspects of each shift that I like. Day shift is busy, and we have the opportunity to collaborate with interdisciplinary members. Second shift often has new admissions, and we are making sure residents and families are comfortable and happy with care. On third shift we get the chance to slow down and learn more about the patients and their needs. I’ve worked at a lot of different nursing homes, and this is the nicest by far.”

Pamely DeJesus, LPN

 4 years as LPN (2 through The Highlands at Wyomissing® Special Staffing Services Agency)

“The management staff at The Highlands is very supportive, which can be hard to find in this industry. We work together as a team or family, and I am always able to find help when I need it.  The smaller department (PC) and the fact that they staff it well makes it possible to give residents better care. I like working through The Highlands Special Staffing Services Agency because of the flexibility, and I can always pick up hours when I need them.”

Aslyn Peralta, CNA

 8 years as CNA (14 months through The Highlands at Wyomissing® Special Staffing Services Agency)

“I love my work as a CNA because I get to help people in need. We have such a good team at The Highlands that it doesn’t feel like work. A lot of other facilities are understaffed so we don’t have time to accommodate the residents because we always feel rushed. At The Highlands we have time to pamper them and give them what they need. I enjoy the flexibility and being able to schedule my shifts in advance. We are asked to work one summer and one winter holiday so no one feels pressure to work on a day that is special to them.”